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A Guide To Safe And Efficient Telehandler Hire Operation

There are a variety of reasons why you might require telehandler hire – perhaps your usual machine is in the shop, perhaps your workload has increased and you’re unable to keep up, or perhaps your tackling an unusual job that requires the use of such a machine. No matter the reason, it is important that you operate your telehandler as safely and efficiently as possible.


  • Assess the Site
    The very first thing you should do is assess the conditions around your jobsite, as well as identify any obstacles or obstructions that may be in your path. You should also determine the best possible way of getting around these hazards so that you have a game plan once you get into the telehandler. If your jobsite happens to have rough terrain, it’s essential that you’ve chosen a model that can handle such conditions.
  • Transportation
    The next thing you should do is ensure that you have the correct carriage and forks for the material you’re dealing with and for the conditions of the jobsite. The load should be balanced laterally on the forks so that they completely support it. The load should also be organised and retained (if needed) by straps or a weighted object. When lifting a pallet, the spacing of the forks should be adjusted so that they engage it properly.
  • Take your Position
    The next thing you should do is position your telehandler hire to begin work. It should be parked on a level surface or, if this isn’t possible, the machine itself should be leveled using stabilisers. It’s important to note that the boom and any attachments should be raised more than 4 feet unless the machine is stable. You should also slow your movements when operating at maximum height to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Other People
    Finally, it is important to be aware of other people when using a telehandler. The area underneath the platform must be kept free of other workers at all times. The machine should only be used to lift workers if there is no other means available. Those on the platform must wear appropriate safety and fall protection gear, whilst the operator must remain seated in the cab at all times.

By keeping all of the above information in mind when obtaining telehandler hire, you can rest assured that it will be operated as safely and efficiently as possible. At the end of the day, exercising a little common sense and safety procedures similar to those employed for other machinery on your jobsite will go a long way towards ensuring that everyone involved is kept safe.