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For safe operation of any access machinery, undertaking a training course is critical. Whether you’re hiring machinery from Liftech or you want to ensure your team knows exactly what they’re doing, consider a training course with Liftech.


Forklift Training

What our course covers

Taught by an accredited WorkSafe assessor, we offer the most comprehensive training courses to receive a forklift license in Melbourne. Our premium course covers a number of areas that are vital to the safe operation of the machine, including:

  • Assessing weight loads
  • Checking the machine for damage and defects
  • Forklift shutdown and securing
  • Hazard identification and control measures
  • Inspection of work area to determine an appropriate path
  • Location and identification of controls
  • Monitoring movement of load (ensuring safety)
  • Movement and placement of loads (ensuring stability)
  • Pre-start and post-start operational checks
Forklift Training in Melbourne
Forklift Training
forklift license in Melbourne

There are a number of benefits associated with ensuring that each of your operators has an appropriate forklift licence, including:

  • Ensures compliance with relevant OH&S Standards
  • Improvement of forklift battery life (due to greater care)
  • Improvement of operator skills and confidence
  • Improvement of workplace safety and reduced injuries
  • Increases productivity in the workplace
  • Minimization of expensive damage and abuse to machines

Boom Lift Training

Fully accredited boom lift training in Melbourne

The Liftech team are able to train and test your workers to ensure that they are competent and skilled in the operation of the boom lifts in your workplace. As all training and testing is carried out by a WorkSafe accredited assessor, we can also ensure that your workers satisfy WorkSafe and other legal requirements. Our team can also offer testing services without training to ensure the needs of all businesses are met.

How to get a boom lift license with Liftech

To be eligible to sit the test for a boom lift license in Melbourne, applicants must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Provide a passport sized photograph
  • Provide photo identification (such as a driver’s licence, passport, etc)
  • Study a booklet of questions and answers (supplied free of charge by us with any booking)
Boom Lift Training
Boom Lift Training in Melbourne

We are able to train and test your workers at your premises, using the equipment that they are most familiar with, or we can provide these services at our classroom facility in Dandenong. Our training includes an explanation of the regulations, safety checks, hazards, risks and compliance codes that workers are required to be familiar with. We also take the time to help applicants who are having trouble comprehending some questions.

The Liftech team can also offer refresher courses that have been tailored to your needs to ensure that your workers are always up to date.

Scissor Lift training

Get your scissor lift license at Liftech

Whether you are planning on hiring a scissor from Liftech or you just want to ensure your team is trained in up-to-date methods of handling these lifts, undertaking a scissor training course is the only way to remain safe and competent. Our training allows workers to meet WorkSafe requirements, as well as other legal requirements, and is taught by a WorkSafe accredited assessor. We also offer testing only for those companies that want to undertake their own training.

Requirements for obtaining a scissor lift license in Melbourne

To undertake scissor lift training and obtain a license, potential students must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Provide a passport sized photograph
  • Provide photo identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport)
  • Study set example questions and answers (supplied by Liftech with any booking and completely free of charge)
Scissor Lift training
Scissor Lift training in melbourne

We offer training on your premises, which allows workers to perform exercises on the scissor lifts that they are comfortable with; or training can be completed at our on-site classroom located at our Dandenong facility. Refresher course are also available.

The training process includes:

  • Explanation of safety regulations
  • Undertaking safety checks
  • Detecting risks and hazards
  • Understanding compliance codes


It will be valid for 5 years upon which time you can renew the license or let it lapse; you will need to retake the test should you wish to renew it in the future.
Does an over 11m boom lift license cover scissor lift use?
No. These are separate pieces of machinery and a different license will be required for safe and legal use of the two different lifts.
Where does your licensing occur?
We want more people to be licensed, which is why we offer forklift training across Melbourne, either at your facility or our premises.
Is there a size restriction on the license?
No, you will be able to operate forklifts of all sizes if you have successfully obtained your license.
What if I keep my scissor lift under 11m?
The license you obtain is a reflection of the maximum height of the machinery, not the height at which you choose to operate it. If it can reach above 11m – even if you never extend the lift – a High Risk License is needed, as these models are built differently than their smaller counterparts.