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03 November 2017, posted by Gary Pope
We believe strongly in giving back to the community and to important causes, so are pleased to provide support for Challenge.
12 September 2017, posted by Gary Pope
Short term forklift hire is the process of hiring the machine for a relatively brief amount of time (generally a day or two through to a few weeks). But when should you consider this sort of hire and what sort of impact can it have on your business? In the list below, we have outlined 6 of the main reasons that could cause you to consider a shorter contract.
06 July 2017, posted by Gary Pope
This equipment consists of a platform that moves up and down. There is a railing around the platform that is designed to prevent workers from falling. When these lifts are extended and stationary, they serve a function similar to scaffolding (and, therefore, pose many of the same risks).
08 June 2017, posted by Gary Pope
Scissor lifts feature a stable working platform that is limited to vertical up and down movements. As such, they are often recommended for maintenance and cleaning tasks.
03 May 2017, posted by Gary Pope
At Liftech we are excited to be bringing you the latest in Knuckleboom technology with the Genie Z™-60/37FE Knuckleboom. It's arriving in August 2017 along with a huge list of features! Take a look...
01 May 2017, posted by Gary Pope
When carrying out electrical maintenance, particularly on commercial and industrial buildings, we often need to reach significant heights.
07 April 2017, posted by Gary Pope
When using heavy machinery, it’s important that operators are aware of safety procedures and guidelines in order to avoid accidents and injury.
30 March 2017, posted by Gary Pope
When you’re new to forklifts, it’s understandable that you might have a lot of questions and uncertainties. In this blog, we have aimed to answer some of the more commonly asked forklift training questions in the hope of putting your mind at ease.
17 November 2016, posted by Gary Pope
Although there are a number of advantages associated with forklift, boom lift and scissor lift hire, there are also a number of things that you need to keep in mind prior to signing on the dotted line to ensure that you’re making the right choice.
24 October 2016, posted by Gary Pope
There are a number of reasons why short term access equipment hire could be the ideal solution – perhaps your usual machine has broken down and you need a temporary replacement, perhaps you’ve got a lot of work on at the moment and need some extra hands getting it all completed to schedule.