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How Do I Renew A Forklift License In Melbourne?

Driving a forklift can actually prove to be quite a difficult task – it is maneuvered by its rear wheels but holds most of its weight in the front – which is why you require a license. Unfortunately, these certifications don’t last forever and you will need to renew them on the odd occasion. So, how do you go about renewing a forklift license in Melbourne?

Step 1: Locate an accredited training centre in your area. Your employer may have the contact details of one that they prefer to use. You might also like to take a refresher course, just to make sure that your knowledge is up to date.

You should also familiarize yourself with some basic forklift terminology, as you never know when a question will surround this sort of knowledge. Generally, being able to identify basic parts will be sufficient.

Step 2: You will have to re-take the test that you originally sat to receive your license, which will include a practical and a written component. Generally, the questions are written in a multiple choice or a true/false format.

Some of the basic maneuvers that you may be required to perform as a part of your practical test include: backing up, driving forwards, picking up and then placing an item down.

Step 3: Once the training centre is satisfied that you are still able to safely operate a forklift, they will renew your license. This will enable you to continue working legally for the next few years.

If you forget to renew your license or you fail your re-test, your employer will have to be notified that you are no longer certified to drive a forklift. In some instances, this could lead to a loss of job.

More often than not, a forklift license in Melbourne needs to be renewed every two years. If you contact the centre who was responsible for your initial test well in advance of your certification expiring, you may not have to re-sit the test. If you allow your license to expire or you move to a new state, however, you will need to undertake the steps outlined above.