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How To Best Transport Your Forklift

From time to time, you may find the need to transport your forklift from one location to another; perhaps you need to move it to another work site or you've recently purchased a new one. Weighing in at around two times the weight of the average family car, determining the best way to transport your forklift can be quite a difficult process and requires special consideration.

Step 1: Secure the vehicle at the loading dock (either a flatbed truck or a tractor-trailer rig will be suitable). Make sure the wheels are chocked to prevent the vehicle from accidentally rolling away or jolting during loading.

Step 2: Back the forklift up onto the truck or trailer. Because of the weight of the equipment, you need to have to forks pointed towards the rear of the vehicle; if they are pointed towards the front and you have an accident, the forks could be forced through the cabin with disastrous effects.

Step 3: Centre the forklift side-to-side and lower the forks to the floor, tilting them forward slightly before the impact with the ground. Place chocks behind each of the wheels and fasten in place with screws.

Step 4: Shut off the fuel supply from the tank. If the equipment runs on petrol or diesel, make sure that the tank is secure and that fuel will not be permitted to slosh out during transport. Disconnect the battery terminal to prevent the possibility of arcing occurring during transport.

Step 5: Secure the forklift to the floor using chains and come-alongs, which can be cracked down to tighten the chains and ensure that the equipment will not move. The chains can be used to create anchor points at each corner.

Once you are sure that the forklift has been secured to the flatbed truck or tractor-trailer rig, you will be able to set off. Make sure you travel at moderate speeds and keep an eye on the equipment with your rearview mirror; if it looks like it’s moving around a little too much, pull over immediately. Having a passenger can be extremely useful for this.