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How To Use Your Boom Lift Rental

Boom lift rentals are very common in locations were employees are required to complete some work at elevated levels. With the right sort of lift on your hands, employees will be hoisted into the air and permitted to work on tasks that they would not otherwise be able to reach. If you have recently received a rental, you might be wondering how on earth you use it.

Step 1: Put on the safety harness that comes with the lift. Then raise the safety rail and climb into the basket, being sure to clip the harness to the attachment point. Disengage the safety switch so that you have access to the controls.

Step 2: Set the function switch to ‘drive’ and begin running through all of the boom lifts’ operations, including: moving forwards and backwards, raising and lowering the arms and tilting the basket.

Step 3: Make sure that the lift is positioned as close to the intended work area as possible. Begin raising the boom until you have reached the height that you require, making sure that you raise each arm in the correct order.

Step 4: Once you have finished working, lower all arms to their locked positions and turn the lift off. Make sure that the red ‘emergency stop’ button has been disengaged, then unhook your safety harness from the bucket.

Before attempting to use your boom lift rental, make sure that you have inspected the area between where it is parked and where you need to do work, as you need to remove potential obstacles. Are there any power lines or other overhead hazards that you have to contend with? Is the ground uneven or is there debris that can be moved?