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Most Common Mistakes People Make When Renting Access Equipment

Access Equipment is common place on many job sites, fulfilling a crucial role that many companies would be lost without. As a result, renting access equipment has become a benefit that businesses often have to rely on for a vast range of reasons – they may not be able to afford the expensive machinery at the time, they may need to quickly replace a broken piece of equipment in order to finish a job, or they may prefer to expand their fleet during peak periods and return the machine during their offseason. Whatever the reason, it’s an incredibly valued part of any work site.

If renting heavy duty access equipment is something you think your business could take advantage of, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. However, there are a number of common mistakes that companies often make – here’s how to avoid them.

  • Lack of training

Training is a critical part of safely using access equipment, both for the driver and the staff on the ground. However, many businesses don’t ensure their staff are properly trained on each individual piece of machinery, especially if they are only renting it for a short period of time. This isn’t only lazy, it can lead to disastrous workplace accidents, injuries and death. Whenever you hire new equipment, make sure you and your employees undertake adequate training and re-training for the sake of everyone on the site.

  • Hiring the same machine each time

This point may seem counterintuitive, especially if your staff are trained up and confident in one piece of equipment. Whilst it’s generally a great idea to stick to what you know, it may be worth re-evaluating every so often. Firstly, your needs may change as your project progresses; for example, whilst you first may have needed a straight boom, a knuckle boom may allow you to reach new places. Secondly, there is a reason manufacturers release new equipment, and it’s often because they have updated the safety features and capabilities of each machine.

  • Not properly checking schedules

Renting access equipment is a great choice for filling the holes in your own fleet, allowing you to complete projects without buying a machine outright. However, it’s important to asses when the piece will be needed on site. Bringing it in too early will mean it’s sitting idle – and costing you money – whilst renting it too late can bring the whole project to a standstill.

  • Not reading the contract
    This applies to everything you undertake, especially big-ticket items. It’s important that you always thoroughly read through your contract before making any commitments. This will ensure you’re covered if anything should go wrong, and will outline your commitments in properly caring for the machine.

As you can see, these mistakes are easy to avoid, especially if you’re looking out for them. By renting access equipment through Liftech, we can ensure the process is hassle-free, so you can get back on site sooner with the machinery needed to complete the job – contact our team today!