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Reasons Why Short Term Forklift Hire Could Help You Out

Short term forklift hire is the process of hiring the machine for a relatively brief amount of time (generally a day or two through to a few weeks). But when should you consider this sort of hire and what sort of impact can it have on your business? In the list below, we have outlined 6 of the main reasons that could cause you to consider a shorter contract.

  1. Peak or Seasonal Times
    From unexpected to seasonal demand, short term hire will allow you to react quickly and deal with increases in demand without breaking a sweat. Just remember that it’s a good idea to book early if you’re likely to require an extra forklift or two over big calendar events, such as Christmas and End of Financial Year.
  2. Emergency Replacement
    If your usual forklift is being serviced or repaired, hiring one to replace it can ensure that your operations are kept up and running. Although we can generally plan for downtime caused by routine servicing, when more intensive work is required or the machine breaks down unexpectedly, it’s likely that you’ll still have work to be getting on with.
  3. Product Evaluation
    If you’re thinking about adding some new forklifts to your fleet, short term hire can actually allow you to thoroughly evaluate a specific model or two before purchasing or committing to a long term contract. It can also give your workers an opportunity to try out the new machine, helping to familiarise them with its controls.
  4. Specific Requirements
    Do you only have to move a specific type of pallet or product a few times a year? If the answer is yes, a shorter contract is the answer. There is no point investing in a particular kind of forklift if you only use it a few times a year – not only are you spending more money than you have to, you’ve got to find somewhere to store the machine when not in use.
  5. Bridging (Changes)
    If your workplace is going through some operational changes (such as moving locations or new construction), short term contracts can help to reduce the impact of this change by providing you with the flexibility to decide when, where and how long you need support. Generally speaking, contracts can also be changed and updated as required.
  6. Financial Flexibility
    Short term hire can also provide you with financial flexibility, as the terms and conditions that you’re used to seeing in long term contracts aren’t the same. This is ideal for some businesses, particularly if you don’t have a whole lot of cash flow just at the moment (as occurs when you’re a start up or are waiting to receive payment).

If you have decided that short term forklift hire is what you need, you’ve come to the right place! Liftech has a number of machines available on shorter contracts, ensuring that you can have access to the forklift you need, when you need it and for exactly as long as you need it. Give our helpful team at call on 1300 425 438 today and we’ll walk you through your options!