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Safety Tips For Your Boom Lift Rental

When it comes to using your boom lift rental safely extreme care must be taken, especially because the equipment will hoist you high into the air on its aerial platform. Failing to use the lift correctly could result in all sorts of accidents and may lead to serious or even fatal injuries. The following safety tips should help you to prevent this from occurring:

  •  You must ensure that the lift is inspected daily by someone who is familiar with their operation. As a part of the    inspection, the safety controls must be tested and, if defects are discovered, the equipment should not be used.
  •  You must ensure that the insulation of the boom lift is not tampered with in any way. This can expose workers to all sorts of safety hazards, such as the possibility of electrocution.
  • You must ensure that the worker and the lift operator communicate with each other effectively. This will ensure that the worker is well prepared before the platform moves.
  • Once the platform has been moved into an extended position, it must not be moved or repositioned until it is back in its retracted position and has been locked into place.

At the end of the day, most of the above safety tips all involve some aspect of common sense. You wouldn’t use your boom lift rental if you weren’t 100% sure that it was safe, would you? This is why it needs to be inspected every day. You also wouldn’t do anything silly whilst using the lift, would you? This is why you need to exercise caution at all times.