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What Is Covered During Forklift Training?

It is essential that your workers to receive adequate forklift training and qualifications if they are to operate such a machine. A license is not just a piece of plastic with their name on it - it's an indication that the worker has the correct skills and knowledge to use the forklift safely. There are three main aspects that are covered during training, and these include:

  • Productivity – Becoming familiar with the machine's capabilities and features enables your workers to complete tasks in the most productive manner. This will ensure that they don't waste time trying to figure out how to best complete an allocated task, as well as enabling them to get much more work completed in a single shift.
  • Efficiency – Forklift training enables your workers to handle and maneouvre the machine in the most time and energy conscious manner possible. This will enable them to get onto the next task as quickly as possible, as well as helping you to save money on fuel or electricity (depending on your machine’s fuel source).
  • Safety – Your workers will be trained to ensure that the machine is used in the safest fashion and to be aware of hazards so that they can take action to prevent injury. This sort of training covers safety checks that need to be performed prior to use, how to safely maneouvre around obstacles and what to do in the case of an emergency.

It is also believed that training encourages your workers to maintain the forklift properly and ensure that all the little things (such as re-filling the battery fluid, safety checks, and avoidance of misuse) are taken care of. This will help you to reduce the costs associated with servicing and repairing your machine, as your workers will be responsible for much of the daily checks.

Training is carried out using two methods – a classroom or written component and a practical or hands on one. It is important that workers undertake (and successfully pass) both components to ensure a well-rounded knowledge.

If workers are required to use forklifts around your workplace, it is important that you ensure they have received adequate training. This will not only ensure their safety as they complete allocated tasks, it will ensure the safety of other workers and the proper use of the machine. When seeking forklift training for your workers, ensure that you have selected a reputable provider.