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Forklift Training

What the Course Covers

Liftech’s premium forklift training covers a number of areas that are vital to the safe operation of the machine, including:

  • Assessing weight loads
  • Checking the machine for damage and defects
  • Forklift shutdown and securing
  • Hazard identification and control measures
  • Inspection of work area to determine an appropriate path
  • Location and identification of controls
  • Monitoring movement of load (ensuring safety)
  • Movement and placement of loads (ensuring stability)
  • Pre-start and post-start operational checks
Benefits of the Course

There are a number of benefits associated with ensuring that each of your operators has an appropriate forklift licence, including:

  • Ensures compliance with relevant OH&S Standards
  • Improvement of forklift battery life (due to greater care)
  • Improvement of operator skills and confidence
  • Improvement of workplace safety and reduced injuries
  • Increases productivity in the workplace
  • Minimization of expensive damage and abuse to machines
Q1 - How long is a forklift license valid for?
It will be valid for 5 years upon which time you can renew the license or let it lapse; you will need to retake the test should you wish to renew it in the future.
Q2 - Is there a size restriction on the license?
No, you will be able to operate forklifts of all sizes if you have successfully obtained your license.
Q3 - My license is about to expire; what do I do?
You will need to attend your local post office and fill out an L4 form; once submitted, this will renew your forklift license for another 5 years..