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Scissorlift Training

Never take a risk by having unlicenced operators on your scissor lift.

Here at Liftech, we are happy to provide training and testing services to your workers to ensure that they are highly competent and skilled in safe scissor lift operation. Our training will ensure that workers meet both WorkSafe and other legal requirements, as a WorkSafe accredited assessor carries it out. If you would prefer to undertake your own training, we also offer testing only.

The legal requirements for our applicants include:
  • A minimum age of 18 years;
  • A passport sized photograph;
  • Photo identification (ie driver’s licence, passport, etc); and
  • A study of questions and answers (supplied by Liftech with any booking and completely free of charge).

We are able to train or test your workers at your premises (on the equipment that they use regularly) or we can complete it at our facility and classroom, located in Dandenong. As a part of the training process, we explain the regulations, safety checks, hazards, risks and compliance codes associated with scissor lift use. We also take the time to sit with applicants who are having difficulty understanding some of the questions and explain further.

Refresher courses are also available. Liftech tailors these to meet youryou’re your worker’s current requirements.

Our training and testing services also cover – forklifts, stock pickers, EPW (booms), tower cranes, vehicle mounted cranes, and dogmans.

Q1 - How long is a forklift license valid for?
It will be valid for 5 years upon which time you can renew the license or let it lapse; you will need to retake the test should you wish to renew it in the future.
Q2 - Is there a size restriction on the license?
No, you will be able to operate forklifts of all sizes if you have successfully obtained your license.
Q3 - My license is about to expire; what do I do?
You will need to attend your local post office and fill out an L4 form; once submitted, this will renew your forklift license for another 5 years..