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Help - My Scissor Lift Won't Go Down!

Any industry that requires its workers to be hoisted high into the air (whether this is to clean windows, to stack pallets or to work above the ground) will probably make use of a scissor lift or two to achieve this. The most common issue associated with these lifts is their sudden refusal to move, often leaving them stuck high in the air. So, what do you do?

Step 1: Check the power supply to your lift (including all cables, the actual power switch and all of the fuses). If the machine is completely silent, then there is no power whatsoever running through it.

Step 2: Use a voltage meter to check whether there is any power in the motor; these, unfortunately, do not last forever and if it has failed it will be causing your problem.

Step 3: Turn the flow control valve in a clockwise direction to close it. Then, press the ‘up’ button for a few seconds followed by the ‘down’ button; listen carefully. If you hear a clicking noise, the velocity fuse is locked.

Step 4: Check the continuity of the coil; if it isn’t working, your scissor lift could be experiencing a problem with its solenoid.

Unfortunately, discovering the source of the problem is only half of the battle; to get your scissor lift to lower its platform, you will need to fix whatever component has become damaged. Whilst unlocking the velocity fuse and restoring the lift’s power are fairly simple tasks, replacing the motor or the solenoid will require an expert.