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Why Scissor Lift Hire Is Better For Carrying Out Electrical Maintenance On Commercial/Industrial Buildings

When carrying out electrical maintenance, particularly on commercial and industrial buildings, we often need to reach significant heights. Scissor lift hire is extremely useful for these sorts of tasks, as it enables both the electricians and all of their equipment (from wiring to tools) to be raised to the desired height. They are also much quicker to set up and safer than scaffolding.

  • Battery electric power

Lifts that are powered by battery (rather than LPG or diesel) are perfectly safe for use indoors, which means that you will be able to reach electricals that are located quite high up. These sorts of models don’t release any potentially harmful fumes and are fitted with non-marking tires, so you can rest assured that your premises will be clean.

  • Free standing platforms

Many electricians find the fact that scissor lifts are completely free standing to be hugely beneficial – as they don’t lean against the wall (like ladders), they find that there are less obstructions for them to work around. When dealing with electrical wiring and equipment that could potentially electrocute you, this is a must.

  • Large-size platforms

Depending on the model you have selected, you will generally find that the platforms are much larger than those used with scaffolding. Not only will this mean that electricians will be able to raise all of their equipment with them, it will also enable them to reach a wider expanse of wall or ceiling without having to reposition the machine.

  • Rough terrain options

When you need to work on the outside of a building, you might find yourself better off with rough terrain or four wheel drive scissor lift hire. These machines are generally powered by diesel or LPG to ensure maximum power. They’re also fitted with tires that can handle most terrains, from bitumen and gravel to grass and mud.

  • Safer than ladders/scaffolding

There can be no denying that lifts are considerably safer than both ladders and scaffolding. They are fitted with a variety of safety features, such as a railing that surrounds the platform and an access gate. Electricians will also be required to wear a safety harness, which is clipped onto the railing and is designed to prevent falls.

  • Strong & versatile platforms

Did you know that most platforms are able to withstand up to 680kg and can be raised up to 18m high? Their sheer strength means that electricians and all of their equipment can be lifted effortlessly – you won’t have to worry about the lift struggling. The platform can also be stopped at various between the ground and it’s maximum height.

If you’re planning to undertake electrical maintenance on the inside or outside of a tall building in the near future, scissor lift hire is the perfect solution to make it easier than ever. At Liftech, we have a wide variety of lifts to choose from, from those designed for a single person or narrow aisles to standard models and those designed for rough terrain. Contact us today to make a reservation.