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Taking the confusion out of LPG and Electric Forklifts: Which is better and why?

Choosing a forklift may sound like an easy task – simply select the required height and be on your way – but there is actually more to it than meets the eye! Before you make any decisions, you need to sit down and take a close look at your project. Though it may seem obvious, we’ve found that many people try to hire machinery based on guesswork and assumptions alone.

As LPG Forklifts and Electric Forklifts are two of the most popular machines we hire out at Liftech, we thought we’d take a closer look at their differences so you can make the right decision for your facility.

Why choose an LPG Forklift?

The first thing to know about these models is that they are powered by gas, so they can be used indoors without worrying about excess emissions build-up. They also offer extra grunt, meaning they can be used outdoors as well!

  • Excellent flexibility between indoor and outdoor work
  • Extra power to tackle gradients with ease
  • Superior power-to-weight ratio compared with electric models ensures better acceleration, faster travel and quicker lifts
  • More cost-effective than diesel machines (the other exterior alternative)
  • Low emissions levels

Why choose an Electric Forklift?

We love electric forklifts for their compact footprints, zero-emissions operations (meaning there is absolutely no concern regarding emissions-build-up), and silent use. They are the ideal machine for indoor use.

  • A great choice for interior areas and confined space
  • Free from exhaust fumes, making them well-suited for use around food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products
  • Safe for areas with constant foot traffic
  • Quite operation, reducing overall noise levels throughout your facility
  • More affordable to run than both LPG and diesel
  • Easiest machine to drive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-marking tyres to keep your warehouse looking its best

The fact that both LPG forklifts and Electric forklifts offer a number of unique benefits may serve to fuel your indecision, but in reality, it now comes down to choosing the machine that best suits your needs.

For instance, do you require a machine that needs to lift heavy pallets from a truck outdoors before stacking them inside a warehouse? An LPG forklift is the perfect option for your business.

Perhaps you want a machine that can be used to help your business meet your environmental targets? If that’s the case, an electric forklift is your best bet.

What it all boils down to is versatility versus compact, emissions free design. Do you want to pay a bit extra for a machine that can do more, or do you need a smaller model that can zip through your factory with ease? Want to talk with the experts? Come in and speak with the team at Liftech today.

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Taking the confusion out of LPG and Electric Forklifts: Which is better and why?

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