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Boom Lift

The revolutionary Genie Z™-60/37FE Knuckleboom is coming!

At Liftech we are excited to be bringing you the latest in Knuckleboom technology with the Genie Z™-60/37FE Knuckleboom. It's arriving in August 2017 along with a huge list of features! Take a look...

Boom Lift

How To Safely Operate Knuckle Boom Lifts On Hills And Curves

Being able to operate knuckle boom lifts correctly is essential for ensuring your own safety as well as that of everyone around you.

Boom Lift

What Are The Occupational Health & Safety Regulations Of Using Boomlift Rentals?

Many people utilize a boomlift rental when there is no other safe way of raising workers and materials to the desired height.

Boom Lift

How To Use Your Boom Lift Rental

Boom lift rentals are very common in locations were employees are required to complete some work at elevated levels. With the right sort of lift on your hands, employees will be hoisted into the air and permitted to work on tasks that they would not otherwise be able to reach. If you have recently received a rental, you might be wondering how on earth you use it.

Boom Lift

Safety Tips For Your Boom Lift Rental

When it comes to using your boom lift rental safely extreme care must be taken, especially because the equipment will hoist you high into the air on its aerial platform.

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