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Scissor Lifts

Why Scissor Lift Hire is Better than Buying

A key part of construction and other industries is often accessing hard to reach places – those that are too high for a standard ladder. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to undertake these jobs without putting you or your team at risk, then premium access equipment is the answer!

Scissor Lifts

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Liftech for Your Next Scissor Lift Rental

If you want to access hard to reach places, there are a number of things you can do. You can get out your old rickety ladder, or you can use specifically designed access equipment. If you want to choose the option that is easy to use and safe for your team, you need scissor lifts.

Scissor Lifts

How to Stay Safe While Operating a Scissor Lift?

Operating a scissor lift doesn’t have to be dangerous, but it should be treated seriously and approached with caution. Our biggest piece of advice that we can offer (and this applies to operating any heavy machinery) is to always keep safety in mind whilst using any type of lift.

Scissor Lifts

Safety Rules – What You Should Know If You Want To Hire A Scissor Lift

This equipment consists of a platform that moves up and down. There is a railing around the platform that is designed to prevent workers from falling. When these lifts are extended and stationary, they serve a function similar to scaffolding (and, therefore, pose many of the same risks).

Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lift Safety Rules Every Operator Should Know

Scissor lifts feature a stable working platform that is limited to vertical up and down movements. As such, they are often recommended for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Scissor Lifts

Why Scissor Lift Hire Is Better For Carrying Out Electrical Maintenance On Commercial/Industrial Buildings

When carrying out electrical maintenance, particularly on commercial and industrial buildings, we often need to reach significant heights.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lift Safety Regulations And Guidelines

When using heavy machinery, it’s important that operators are aware of safety procedures and guidelines in order to avoid accidents and injury.

Scissor Lifts

How To Properly Charge Your Scissor Lift

There can be no denying that the security and ease of working from the platform of a scissor lift compared to working off the rung of ladder make these pieces of equipment highly desirable.

Scissor Lifts

Help - My Scissor Lift Won't Go Down!

Any industry that requires its workers to be hoisted high into the air (whether this is to clean windows, to stack pallets or to work above the ground) will probably make use of a scissor lift or two to achieve this. The most common issue associated with these lifts is their sudden refusal to move, often leaving them stuck high in the air. So, what do you do?

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