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22 March 2013, posted by Gary Pope
Many people utilize a boomlift rental when there is no other safe way of raising workers and materials to the desired height.
13 February 2013, posted by Gary Pope
Driving a forklift can actually prove to be quite a difficult task - it is maneuvered by its rear wheels but holds most of its weight in the front - which is why you require a license.
10 January 2013, posted by Gary Pope
Have you been on the lookout for a forklift for sale but have, so far, come up empty handed? Many people struggle to find somewhere that sells the sort of forklifts they require for their business, let alone equipment that is affordable and falls within their price range.
26 December 2012, posted by Admin
Boom lift rentals are very common in locations were employees are required to complete some work at elevated levels. With the right sort of lift on your hands, employees will be hoisted into the air and permitted to work on tasks that they would not otherwise be able to reach. If you have recently received a rental, you might be wondering how on earth you use it.
18 December 2012, posted by Gary Pope
Even though they are extremely useful machines, many people cannot afford to purchase a forklift outright. In these situations, a rental can be a much more cost-effective solution.
05 December 2012, posted by Gary Pope
Any industry that requires its workers to be hoisted high into the air (whether this is to clean windows, to stack pallets or to work above the ground) will probably make use of a scissor lift or two to achieve this. The most common issue associated with these lifts is their sudden refusal to move, often leaving them stuck high in the air. So, what do you do?
07 November 2012, posted by Gary Pope
When it comes to using your boom lift rental safely extreme care must be taken, especially because the equipment will hoist you high into the air on its aerial platform.
11 October 2012, posted by Admin
Are you new to a workplace that requires you to know how to drive a forklift around the warehouse?
10 October 2012, posted by Gary Pope
With over 20 years experience, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose to hire with Liftech.
09 October 2012, posted by Gary Pope
Do you live or work in the Clayton area? Are you searching for a quality provider of scissor and boom lift rentals or forklift rentals